Tuesday, 19 March 2013

End for my laziness and a small promotion for Baltas Miškas :)

That's it, I need to be creative! No more laziness and tries to make something else. This post is the last thing I'm doing as "not sewing", I promise... Hehe :)
And reasons for this I have totally four. Yes, four. It's a big quantity to start DOING! At first, I have to make    liabilities for two Lithuanian shops. They are waiting for my works for quite a long time. I am sorry about that, shops...
Secondly, I need to be creative for WuWuW, but it's another theme...
And thirdly, today I made a verdict to me - I wrote myself to Eco Urban Crafts Market in Gent, Belgium. So this one is the biggest headache for me. I need to prepare myself seriuosly. Really seriously!

Uff, that's it. I'm writing a point and start creating :)

Ah, by the way, last week my friends from Mummymoon opened their new store in Vilnius (Užupio 25, Vilnius, Lithuania), called Baltas Miškas. Take a look what they got there and, of course, please, come and visit in nature!




Neringa Rūkė


Mummymoon Pupa Doll


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