Wednesday, 23 October 2013

For those, who always forget their keys...

I am the person, who need to be clear in any situation of my life. Actually, it only a wish, because the reality is totally different :) I don't know where I'm going to live (talking about the land) after a half an year or what I'm going to do... The only clear thing is that I will not stop to creat my small simple linen (and not) things...
That confusing moment, when you need a key at the moment and you can't find it because it lost somewhere... Do you know that feeling? Yes, me to! So I did the solution: some linen keychains with a brass hooks. It's the simplest way to pin your key in one place and they will never be lost.

I made it with long linen "tails"...

...and with short "tails"

Which is better?

 All the list of my keychains you'll find on my Etsy Shop.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bagpipes lover - checkered linen bag

Some smell of Scottish landscape...

Checkered linen fabric from outside and waterproofed linen from inside makes this tote bag thick and keep it's form. Two inside pockets are made for your telephone, wallet or all other your daily essentials.
Waterproof lining.

Dimensions: 37 cm on the top, 22 cm on the bottom, width - 16 cm, height - 35 cm.

Green green string bag

I made practical and beautiful handbag from pure linen, which can be used as full size for your bigger items (max height - 34 cm), or smaller, stapled with beautiful brown buttons.
Inside you'll find two small pockets for your phone and wallet or other small everyday essentials.
The bag has a zipper, so you can be sure, that nothing will fall out.

Dimensions of normal, stapled handbag: length in the bottom - 30 cm,heigth - 26 cm, width - 15 cm.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Decorative damask print pillow case

It left some fabric after making damask print blanket, so I decided to use that fabric and to create a pillow case, which fits perfect with the blanket.
The pillow case is two sided, medium weight, medium thick, dense, stiff. Covers with three buttons.
Decorated with bunched fringles.
Composition: linen 55%, cotton 45%
Color: soft /light claret to natural linen
Size: 16x16 inch, but may fit for a bit bigger pillow.


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