Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wow, only two days ago I logged on the and already got a banner from them! So excited!!!

Check it out and find other beauties on ezebees

Thank you, bees!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

It was quite a long time I didn't write anything. Summer is on, I can't do anything :)
I came back to Lithuania with kids for a moment to catch some sunshine and to let my children be in nature. They are enjoying it every minute! Fresh berries, vegetable, home animals, grass, trees, river and grandparents, who loves them so much. I'm happy they are happy!

And my creative life is in searching for a new ideas because my sewing machine was left in Belgium. Only a few weeks and my husband will bring it to me :)
A few weeks ago I gave almost all my crafts to three Lithuanian shops. Two of them are in Šiauliai and you can visit their Facebook profiles: MŪZI and Dovanų krautuvėlė. The third one is in Lithuanian capital Vilnius. It is a new crafts shop called Laumės skrynia. All of them I visited personally to see how it is going there, to say hello to the owners. All those girls are very kind and I believe that our cooperation will go on for a long time.

So for a moment have a good summertime and I'm going to proceed my witchcraft in meadows :)

Moment from the Midsummer's night

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