Monday, 17 March 2014

Need to take some milk and French bred?

I am woman so I know how it is important to have a good bag that could serve for all situations of your life. Maybe you are going somewhere out (for a job, for example). You take your handbag with you with your daily essentials. But what, if you decided to jump to shop for a milk or bred? You can use this bag as a shopping tote, just expand it! Useful? Indeed ;) 

Monday, 10 March 2014


Since I got first beads, I should say, I fall in love with beading. All these colors and forms just drives me crazy. Just take a look...

All necklaces you'll find here.

Monday, 10 February 2014

New beaded game

A few days ago I have founded a new passion - geometric wooden beads. When I got them to my hands, I was shaking and jumping as a child received a candy. Silently screaming too :)
And then it began... Coloring, mixing, maching, piercing, screaming, klapping, smiling, measuring, shooting, editing, posting...

All the list of these necklaces could be found here!

Friday, 7 February 2014

After a long laziness this kind of bag was cutted and sewed up. With real leather and waxed linen.

I hope this is going to be a begining this year, thus my hand and head starts to work again :)

Friday, 31 January 2014

This is cool advertising video of where I have my shop in too. In this movie I already found three picture of my own!'s the place to be...

By the way, goes Indiegogo: is an international social marketplace that lets small business owners and creative entrepreneurs get their business started online for free! If you want to support them on Indiegogo and collect great perks, go there:

Black soil and clay

The last work of the passed year was this wool, leather and linen clutch-tote bag. And maybe the most favorite. For me. And for some of my followers too. Take a look!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Time is ticking...

Only two weeks left to Christmas. Are you already fulfilled your Santa's bag? No? So hurry up, you still have some time!
I can help you on this question, just take a look at my showroom and find your perfect gift.

How about this clutch?  Would you take it to your Christmas hunting? ;)

Or maybe you have much more things to carry? So you can take this one!

Have you any comfortable and playful cover sleeve for your tablet? Or maybe it is deadly necessay for your brother/neighbour/friend? You can take this one.

Or choose from this trio...

Take a look through the window. Maybe Santa's elves are waving to you with one of cosmetic bags?

Don't be shy and ask for one!

Or maybe you sister is a sworn artist? Give her beautiful roll-up pencil.brushes case and make her happy!

Make everybody happy. But at first yourself - just from bringing joy for other people!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

My first interview!

I am soooo happy! My first interview was posted on the ezebeeMag!
About me, my crafts, my passions, inspirations... About Irmalu. From all my heart!

Find the interview below and the original post you can find here.

Irmalu Linen Crafts: Quality materials make quality products

Irma of Irmalu Linen Crafts is not only passionate about what she is making but how she is making it. The material has purpose, the technique has purpose, overall I would say this is a business with purpose! Irma is runs her business online while raising a family. In this interview you´ll find out what got her started in the crafting business and what she has built into a successful and growing brand.
Introduce yourself! Who is the person behind “Irmalu Linen Crafts“? -My name is Irma Laurinavičiūtė – Lungienė. I was born in a small town of Lithuania in a big loving family 28 years ago. For the moment I live in Belgium with my own family and biggest supporters – two small children and my beloved husband.
Irma of Irmalu Linen Crafts on
Before the “mummy´s career” I was a culture manager, working together with my husband. But suddenly, after the birth of my first daughter, I discovered the joy of sewing. At first it was general crafts and gifts to relatives, but eventually I realized that I wanted to build even more. So I started to sew bags from linen…
Where did you get the idea for your business and when did you get started? -Actually, I don’t know why exactly I began to sew, but one day I just sat down by my mother’s old sewing machine and began to “spoil” fabrics :) Probably, I would have never thought that I could sew, but … children have the ability to awaken something that sleeps deep inside you.
Irmalu is 4 years old this year, but still in many ways a hobby, but a milestone still worth celebrating!
Unisex grey brown blue checkered wool neck warmer-scarf
Unisex grey/brown/ blue checkered wool neck warmer on
You make so many different things! Do you have a favorite item you’ve made? -Everything I make is holding a part of me inside of it. But by sewing bags, I can express myself in so many different ways. It is difficult to choose one item that stands out, to me all my pieces are individual therefore they are ”stand alone”.
Everything in your shop looks very well made. Can you tell us about the importance of your craft skills and the materials used? -Mostly I work with Lithuanian linen, which I am buying direct from the factory when I’m in Lithuania. I personally feel that the linen fabric is the closest you can get to the human body. In ancient times people used to wear linen clothes. It’s natural, breathes, antibacterial, and very durable.
Every piece I make, I try to imagine if I would wear / use it myself or not, and if so, then I can give it to someone without any worries. Of course, every time I ship my sold item I bite my nails until I get a feedback and when I get it good, I can relax and begin to breathe again. It is the best feeling in the world to make people happy!
Green green string  bag
Green green string bag by Irmalu Linen Crafts on
What do you enjoy most about your work? -The most interesting thing to me is when I take a piece of a fabric, I never know what is going to become of it. I personally have never worked with clip-art for pattern work. Maybe I should do this, but it is not interesting for me. The bag, for example, is born on the process: the form, details, size etc. (except special orders, of course). And when I have the final product, it entertains me the most.
Which one is your best seller?I had one bag, the floral one, which was my best seller. But I like to make my bags unique, so nobody had the same.
When did you get started with ezebee?I got started on ezebee about 4 months ago after receiving a letter from one girl, who invited me to join this site. So the same day I registered and put some of my items. And unexpectedly I have found a lot of attention here.
I have found a lot of friends here. It is really a good place to show yourself and to see others. I am very glad I’ve found ezebee!
Do you sell at other venues? Where do you advertise your products? -Yes, I do. I have my shops on,, Also several Lithuanian shops are selling my crafts, like this one.
By the way, this month, on 24th November, you can meet me in Let’s LousART market in Ghent, Belgium. Visit their Facebook page for details!
During the market with my biggest supporter
During a market with Irma´s biggest supporter
And, of course, all my news is shown on my Facebook profile and my blog
Friends, travel, nature, music, sports… where and how do you get your inspiration? – I love good music. I can’t live any day without it. All the time I’m making my crafts, I have to listen to it loud :) When your mood is good, you can move mountains!
Everything and anything can be inspiring: a leaf, a smile, a hug from my kids, a silent idea from a friend… But maybe the most inspiring thing for me is happy customers. They make me work harder and stronger and never let my hands down.
Impregnated linen bag with recycled asymmetric leather handle
Linen Bag from Irmalu Linen Crafts on
Are you participating in or managing any projects you would like to talk about? -I also have a collaboration with one English brand, called WUWUW. WUWUW is a UK brand selling digitally printed satchels. WUWUW has a partnership with The Leather Satchel Company, producers of satchels since 1966 with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. WUWUW’s innovative digital printing technology combined with the craftsmanship of The Leather Satchel Company allows WUWUW to offer the highest quality Satchels and other bags with cutting-edge design.
I have a lot of hope for this project.
“I have a dream.” What’s your dream? Tell us! -I have a dream to open my own store where I could sell my crafts and other lovely items and where you could drink a hot cup of tee from Lithuanian herbs and to get fresh pie beside it. To run my hobby as a full-time business and to enjoy every minute of my work. To reach the perfect “stitches” to my crafts, that people would always love to come back to me again and again. Not just for a cup of tea ;)
There´s much more in Irma´s ezebee Showroom than what was mentione in this article! Head over to Irmalu Linen Crafts and see what you can find for yourself or find a gift for someone special.

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