Tuesday, 19 March 2013

End for my laziness and a small promotion for Baltas Miškas :)

That's it, I need to be creative! No more laziness and tries to make something else. This post is the last thing I'm doing as "not sewing", I promise... Hehe :)
And reasons for this I have totally four. Yes, four. It's a big quantity to start DOING! At first, I have to make    liabilities for two Lithuanian shops. They are waiting for my works for quite a long time. I am sorry about that, shops...
Secondly, I need to be creative for WuWuW, but it's another theme...
And thirdly, today I made a verdict to me - I wrote myself to Eco Urban Crafts Market in Gent, Belgium. So this one is the biggest headache for me. I need to prepare myself seriuosly. Really seriously!

Uff, that's it. I'm writing a point and start creating :)

Ah, by the way, last week my friends from Mummymoon opened their new store in Vilnius (Užupio 25, Vilnius, Lithuania), called Baltas Miškas. Take a look what they got there and, of course, please, come and visit in nature!




Neringa Rūkė


Mummymoon Pupa Doll


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Silent spring...

I was so quiet for a while. Less creativity, lot of work, movement, traveling... It's a bit shame on me that I didn't touch my sewing machine for a while but for a moment I had a new passion which is in my mind all the time. It's a new fashion internet site - shop. Not even a shop. Maybe lifestyle more. So let me introduce you WuWuW - We Understand What You Want.

 It is based in Great Britain as there is the main "head" Trevor and all his staff. Mostly. WuWuW also has a great power in Poland. So WuWuW is international (UK, Poland and Lithuania) brand with lots of contacts all over the world.

In the main WuWuW site you can find jewellery, watches, bags, cases and leather satchels, which we are proud the most, because WuWuW began it's own digital print line.

Nikki Lissoni jewellery..

Holler Watches...

WuWuW jewellery...

Watch it out on WuWuW

To be continued...

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