Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Time is ticking...

Only two weeks left to Christmas. Are you already fulfilled your Santa's bag? No? So hurry up, you still have some time!
I can help you on this question, just take a look at my showroom and find your perfect gift.

How about this clutch?  Would you take it to your Christmas hunting? ;)

Or maybe you have much more things to carry? So you can take this one!

Have you any comfortable and playful cover sleeve for your tablet? Or maybe it is deadly necessay for your brother/neighbour/friend? You can take this one.

Or choose from this trio...

Take a look through the window. Maybe Santa's elves are waving to you with one of cosmetic bags?

Don't be shy and ask for one!

Or maybe you sister is a sworn artist? Give her beautiful roll-up pencil.brushes case and make her happy!

Make everybody happy. But at first yourself - just from bringing joy for other people!

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