Thursday, 29 November 2012

DIY - funny owl buddies for your Christmas decorations

This time I was wondering, what I must make for my little nephew and niece and on internet I've found one interesting picture. I always loved owls so finally I decided to sew some handmade buddies for my little buddies in Israel :)

Here's what came out:

Lovely, isn't they? :)

But let's start from the begining.

At first I draw a sktech of all the parts of my owl. In the picture you can see 2 parts of the body, two wings, one belly, two colored eyes and two white eyes, and, of course, a beak.

Then I cutted down all those parts from the artificial wool. Then put everything to one picture to see if everything is correct. And began to stitch. At first two big colored eyes, then two white circles, put two black buttons to get real eye look and finally the beak.

Then I put the belly on the main body and sewed with the machine. Next came the left and right wings.

Then I took both parts (front and the back), entered the thread on the top of owls head and began to sew.

In the place of the hanging thread I've stitched twice to make it stronger.

Before ending to stitch both parts, I left a small hole to put in the filling and then finished the owl. 

And voila, the result :)
Now let them live on the Christmas tree, door handles, windows, trees or other places. 

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