Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New collection gone to the Lolly pop-up store

As I told you earlier, here you are my full collection, which gone to the Lolly pop-up store in Antwerpen. This pop-up store starts on Friday 20/1 and goes untill 25/02. A lot of wonderful Belgian handmade stuff will be presented there, believe me! It's a great opportunity to find a present for St. Valentines day ;)  So who has opportunity to come there, please, welcome! More information you'll find in facebook:

And now - my new collection! Enjoy ;)

Ethnic handbag decorated with red linen rose.

Padded beach bag with sweet black cats. Two pockets inside.
My favorite! :) 

Handbag with colorful bubbles, fasten with wooden button. 

Ladybird's handbag :) 

 Old model, but not the worst, with beloved sheep! :) Decorated with wooden buttons.

 Small cute handbag with crazy people figures and decorated with metal buttons. As one girl said: "super giga small bag :)"

 Retractive handbag with printed flowers.

 Shoulderbag, fastened with zipper with printed floral ornaments. Bag is very capacious and comfortable.

 Very very cute for me yellow handbag decorated with linen rose. Retractive with textile gum.

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